Achievagoal connects experienced mentors with prospective mentees to help them develop the skills and provide the support and accountability needed to accomplish their goals.





UX/UI Designer


Tools Used


Adobe AI

Adobe Photoshop




Pen & Paper





The Problem

How might we create a product that helps support people in the development of long lasting habits that allow them to accomplish their goals?



The Approach





Affinity Mapping

Wireframing, Prototyping & Usability Testing

Visual Design & High Fidelity Prototype



The Discovery


Being able to set goals gives people a sense of direction. But they often fail to achieve them because they don’t have the necessary support to create positive habits or get rid of bad ones. People set goals because it gives them the agency to define the direction they want their life to take.





The Vision

Connect, Achieve, Give Back.


Our vision was to create an app that gives you support and accountability in the pursuit of your goals. This app will connect experienced mentors with prospective mentees to help them develop the skills and provide support and accountability they need to reach their goals.



The Framework






We started by sketching designs on paper. I used paper prototyping techniques to bring the designs to life and evaluate them with our users. This helped us work rapidly and led us to consider more ideas. Sketching many concepts helped us form a broader view of the potential system earlier ensuring a more cohesive design later.






Our focus during the wireframe was to create a two usable flows. The first is the onboarding process of a first time user. And the second is a scenario in which the user wants to schedule a phone call with her or his mentor.






Usability Testing Takeaways


  1. UX writing needed to be clearer

  2. Signifiers needed to align more closely user task

  3. Layout needed to be more minimalized

  4. Error prevention needed




High Fidelity Prototype


After testing and iterating our wireframes, we began the process of applying our branding guidelines to it. 

Click here to go through the high fidelity prototype.



Project Takeaways


Without having collaborated as we did, we wouldn’t have been able to solve the problem in the way that we did. Collaborating allowed us to think about the problem and solutions with a variety of perspectives which allowed us to think more deeply about what we were trying to solve. 

Also usability testing really helped us get inside the mind of a prospective user. We often overlooked tiny details that either helped or took away from the purpose of our product.



Visions for the Future


We'd like to create a social reward system using something called a "Cheevie." Cheevie's would be rewarded to users for posting content, accomplishing goals, etc. The purpose of this social reward system would be to encourage the habitual use of the product. 

Also we'd like to create an analog complimentary journal that would help you keep track of your goals and progress. 

And finally we understand the importance of real life social interactions. Because of this we'd like to offer a way for mentors and mentees to be able to meet up locally.