Department of Education





The mission of the Department of Education is to ensure all students have the opportunity to achieve excellence, are ready to compete in the global economy and to make sure they have equal access to an equitable education regardless of background.





Adobe CS (design  & prototype)

Pen & Paper (sketching)

Google (project organization) 



The Problem

Educators find it difficult to find the data they need to inform their teaching practices because the department of education's website is difficult to navigate and there is an overwhelming amount of information to sort through.



The Process


  1. Research

  2. Brand Definition

  3. Moodboard

  4. Brand Guide

  5. Affinity Mapping

  6. Responsive Wireframes

  7. High Fidelity Mockup




The re-design of the Department of Education's website will help people find the resources they need in a useful and welcoming way. 



Brand Style Guide

Below you can take a look at the brand style guide I created for the Department of Education. 




Information Architecture


After card sorting I used the whiteboard to start organizing each category into different themes which you can see below. 






Before getting into the wireframing process, I sketched out a variety of possible layouts of the website. I used a mobile-first framework and built my first sketches in mobile, then tablet and finally desktop. 

Below are two images of some sketches done on a whiteboard. 



Responsive Wireframes




High Fidelity Mockup




Before vs. After


Here is one before and after screenshot. On the left is a screenshot of the original Department of Education's homepage. On the right side is a screenshot of the re-designed homepage.



What I Learned


Branding is essential when creating any kind of service or product. It is one of the first things that inspires trust. From font selection, the color scheme, to picture rules. It all matters. But the key that this project made clear was that it's not just about the colors or the typography you choose. It's deeper than that. The question that's most important about your brand choices, is why? 

If you can answer the why to your choices, chances are your branding is going to inspire trust in your users. Products and services are successful if their why speaks to their audience