Welcome to Fun Stuff!

A collection of design challenges that I've worked on.


Hey, it's me! Created with Adobe Illustrator.


Thought Monkey is a YouTube channel that I created in 2017. Check out my latest video. Created with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


Been completing the UI Daily Design Challenge recently. This is the first go at it. To see more check out my Dribbble account.


A daytime/nighttime switch GIF I created using Adobe After Effects.


A fun robot icon I made while practicing building icon from scratch. Created with Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


This is a travel website idea called Qwik. It's the simplest tool to find all the best prices for your upcoming trip. Flight, hotel and car rental all on one page. Coded using HTML/CSS. View in browser. 


A music player screen I designed after re-listening to Kanye West's album Workout Plan. Brings me back to high school! Created with Sketch.